CEPA: Support for the European standard is gaining momentum

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CEPA, the trade association representing pest managers at a European level, said its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on professionalisation of the sector is gaining momentum as companies and stakeholders add their signatures.

The MoU calls for official recognition of the key role played by professional pest management in protecting the health and safety of citizens, promoting a safe and healthy environment for all, and much more.

CEPA said this document fills a regulatory void which has consequences for public health and the environment through the promotion of standards for the pest management sector.

The organisation said the proposed standard is based on the principles and practices of ‘Integrated Pest Management’ (IPM) and promotes full compliance with all applicable regulations as the best guarantee for effective and professional results with knowledge to minimise risk to human health and the environment.

Signatories to the MoU support the certification of pest managers under the CEPA Certified Standard (EN 16636); ensuring that staff receive the adequate training and meet necessary requirements to address pest-related issues; the Integrated Pest Management approach; auditing of trained pest management professionals by third-party certifying bodies.

Users signing the MoU commit to working only with professional pest managers that have met the above commitments.

CEPA said it welcomes signatures from businesses (particularly those sectors reliant on pest management services such as manufacturing; retail; property management; hospitality; public health), as well as public figures and civil society representatives.

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