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Win attractive prizes in the Goliath Top Gun Challenge

The competition, running on BASF Pest Control Solutions‘ central Compton Suite stand (Number 32), involves filling a Top Gun 21 Challenge card with 0.03g Goliath Gel bait points from a standard dosing pistol in the shortest possible time.

In true Jeremy Clarkson star-in-a-reasonably-priced-car style, the best times will be displayed on an active leader board throughout the day, with the winner receiving a fantastic supercar driving experience for two, along with four tubes of Goliath Gel. Three runners-up will each receive four tubes of Goliath Gel.


driving experience
Top Gun 21 wins a top driving experience, courtesy of BASF 

“The whole idea of our challenge is to have a bit of fun while proving to everyone just how quick and easy it is to accurately apply recommended Goliath Gel bait points,” explains organiser James Whittaker.

“We’ll be ensuring the required precision by providing a grid within which to bait, while setting the whole task against the clock will underline the speed and ease of Goliath Gel baiting. Overall, of course, the Challenge will recognise and reward the fastest ‘quality gel baiter’ in the business – our very own Top Gun !

Graduated markings on the cartridges will further underline just how many more bait points each 35g tube of Goliath Gel produces than the same-size tubes of less potent baits.

“We know Goliath Gel can go more than three times further than any alternative treatment in practice,” James stresses. “So, as well as being the fastest-acting and most reliable cockroach bait on the market, it’s also the most cost-effective treatment – making it particularly valuable in today’s cost-conscious markets.”

Everyone entering the Top Gun 21 Challenge will be able to take away a useful BASF thermomug or drinks bottle on the day, with prizes sent to the winners within the week.

“Do set aside a few moments in the day to join us and prove your gel baiting prowess,” James says. “At the same time, you’ll be able to see the attractive new colour-coded packaging we are rolling out across our leading rodenticide range.

“Naturally too, our technical team looks forward to answering any questions you may have about making the most of our insect and rodent products or the behaviour-led pest control philosophy that underpins them all. We look forward to greeting, as well as challenging, old friends and new on November 6.”

BASF product range
The attractive new colour-coded packaging that BASF is now rolling out

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