On show at the PestWorld 2011 exhibition

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The exhibition at any PestWorld event is without doubt a key highlight. With nearly 150 exhibitors it is certainly the largest exhibition aimed at the pest management industry anywhere in the world.

Throughout opening hours, the exhibition was packed

Having said it is the biggest exhibition, there was unilateral disappointment at the small number of really new products or devices on display.

Bayer, rather than being able to launch a new active, introduced a new formulation of their deltamethrin-based Suspend product – called Suspend Polyzone. As Bayer said, it employs “exclusive polymer technology” – whatever that is.

However, about the only product which got people talking was the Verifi bed bug detector from FMC. This claims up to 90 days of active detection, at which point the attractants can be replaced. Click here to find out more.

Overseas exhibitors put on a good show
Whilst, obviously, the vast majority of booth holders are either the large multinational companies or USA-based companies, it is encouraging to spy a fair selection of exhibitors from overseas. With six coming from Europe, this group made up the majority of none US exhibitors. Regular European visitors included Igeba from Germany, Plastdiversity (Portugal), Silvandersson (Sweden) and Tramex (Ireland). They were joined by Heat Assault from Canada.

Obvious by their absence
What is surprising is the very low numbers of exhibitors from the Far East – in particular from China. Should you visit a similar exhibition within the crop protection industry – an industry only one step removed from pest management and one which includes all the large multinational players – Bayer, DuPont, FMC, BASF, Syngenta etc – you would be overwhelmed by the number of Chinese companies. Indeed, in this sector there has been a noticeable shift of the main exhibitions away from Europe onto Chinese soil. The Chinese manufacturing and sale of generic active ingredients is sweeping through the agrochemical market. One must wonder if the turn of the pest management industry is yet to come?

First timers
Making their debut appearance at PestWorld was a little known UK company, Jones & Son from Newton Abbott in Devon, who manufacture and sell bird spikes and related bird management items under the Defender Bird Spikes banner. As Sonny Dymond, sales manager with responsibility for the USA explained: “Up until now our business has virtually solely been internet based. However, we have been receiving an increasing number of international orders, particularly from the US, so we thought we had better come out and see what it was all about. I think it’s fair to say our arrival has ruffled a few feathers!”

Seen at PestEx 2011 in the UK earlier in the year, but now making their first appearance in North America was Jafo from Sweden with their electronic rat protection device for use in sewer systems called Rat-Exx. Unlike in Europe where there are several products designed to operate in a somewhat similar fashion, Jafo seemed to be in exclusive territory. As managing director, Per Svenson explained, he certainly seemed pleased with the interest expressed in his product, in particular from many of the international visitors. The ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’ as they say, so now the requirement is to turn interest into sales.

Established in the USA
Not to be overlooked are the UK companies now with established USA bases or distribution arrangements. In particular Hampshire-based PelGar International is now into its second year working with AB Bait Co from Bethlehem, PA.

EFK manufacturers, P+L Systems had a large display of their products, having recently established a closer marketing strategy in the US.

PestWest is a well recognised brand in the US, so their large stand staffed by both American and UK staff came as no surprise. Likewise, UK-based Brandenburg also put on a good display.

Stars of the show!
But you had to be blind not to realise what was the real star of the show – judging by the number of products, chemicals, devices and the like on display – the ubiquitous bed bug. Read how this single pest dominated proceedings at PestWorld!


Distributors (Garrards) from Australia (extreme
left and right), drop-in on the Igeba stand

All the way from Sweden – Silvandersson

Jones & Sons
First-timers – Jones & Sons. Left to right: Sonny Dymond, Haydon Cocker and David Baskerville

Demonstrating Rat-Exx. Mats Willmarsson (left)
with Per Svenson

PelGar”s Nic Blaszkowicz and
Gareth Capel-Williams join Andree Branc
(right) on the AB Bait Co stand

The PestWest stand attracted plenty of attention

PestWorld 11 P+L in the swingP+L Systems’ staff get into the 
swing of things…

Bell…and on parade. Fastrac 
man from Bell…

Enjoying the show…whilst other visitors just
enjoyed the stands
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