PestWorld 2011 – a two minute tour

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If you have never attended a PestWorld convention you could be forgiven for thinking it’s just an exhibition with some conference sessions around it. Yes – these items form the core of activities, but there is much more to it than just this.

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Organised by the US trade association – the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) – this annual event moves around America. This year New Orleans played host. But as the event caters for over 3,000 people – comprising registered delegates and all the exhibitors – it has to be based at some pretty large venues.

During the convention, it was announced that the number of international delegates had significantly increased, with people from 52 different countries represented.

To most American professional pest controllers the technical sessions and the exhibition probably rank equally. Attending the sessions is a good way for them to collect the necessary recertification points they require.

Vast range of technical sessions
In total there are over 50 technical sessions you can attend. On topics ranging from what you would expect – rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites – to sessions covering business and marketing matters. Regrettably time prevented attendance at the ones on zombie fire ants, decapitating phorid flies or raspberry crazy ants!

A new introduction this year was the house of learning. Here a set is laid out to represent a true field environment and hands-on pest control is demonstrated. Certainly a good idea, but this closely resembled the hands-on displays seen at PestEx in London in both 2009 and 2011.

Without doubt, bed bugs were the most talked about pest at PestWorld. A special Bed Bug Forum was organised. To find out about some of the key topics presented click here.

Not to be missed – the exhibition
With 150 exhibitors, this display of products and services aimed at the pest management market is second to none. Click here for a review of this year’s exhibition.

OK the exhibition and sessions are at the heart of PestWorld – but for an international visitor there is much more besides. Meeting old friends, networking, business meetings, sourcing products and arranging deals is all part of the experience.

Events such as the international reception and the international delegate’s longue help cater for these requirements. A first-timers reception is held on the first night to welcome PestWorld debutants. At the two general sessions you can expect some razzmatazz and to hear from well known American individuals. To find out what happened this year click here.

What others had to say
PestWorld certainly retains its prime position as the international meeting place for pest professionals. Having talked to several international visitors who attended, here, in their own words, is a snap shot of their opinions.

David Loughlin, Business Development Manager, Silvandersson, Sweden
“If you are in pest control you have to exhibit at PestWorld.

This NPMA event is not just for US customers, but it has long been a recognized meeting place for the industry with opportunities to meet customers from four of the five continents. We specifically came to promote and meet customers for Cryonite, the C0? insect freezing system.

New Orleans was a fun city with plenty of distractions within walking distance of the convention. Not something you can say of all pest management conference locations.”


Rupert Broome, Director – EMEA & Asia, Bell Laboratories Inc, USA
“PestWorld offers Bell Laboratories an excellent opportunity to meet up with many customers and partners from around the globe, and this year in New Orleans was no exception. We were particularly pleased to be able to combine for some key French customers a visit to PestWorld with a tour of the Bell manufacturing facilities in the USA. PestWorld also acts as a great launch pad for new innovations from Bell, several of which were on display this year including the new Evo Express tamper resistant bait station.”


Frederic Verwilghen, Edialux, Belgium 
“From a European distributor’s viewpoint, PestWorld is always the place to be. Lots of novel products to see along with opportunities to arrange distribution deals to bring them to the EU. Another big reason to attend is you’ll meet up with your current suppliers and some of your larger clients. 

This year there was a lot around the bed bug problem. Something that is not yet present to the same degree in Europe, as it is in the US. But this might change very soon!

New Orleans is a wonderful place for this event with such nice weather. See you in Boston.”

Simon Forrester, Chief Executive, BPCA, UK
“As a first time attendee, I was impressed by the number and range of seminars for attendees, and the standard of the presentations – all delivered by experts.

The exhibition didn’t offer many new products, but it was a good chance to meet a broad cross-section of manufacturers. The whole event was extremely professional, and a credit to our industry.”

Marc Esculier, Hygiá¨ne Habitat, France
“The exhibition was, as usual, interesting and the friendship of our American colleagues is still alive. 

It was interesting that 25% of the booths were for the bed bud control. Our American colleagues have to find new solutions for controlling this problem. They are spraying pesticides but also using other methods, such as hot or cold treatments.

It is interesting to note that pest controllers in the USA use a lot of traps to control rodent problems – for this hey need more expertise. We are on the same trend in Europe.”  


Ray Johnson
NPMA President, Ray Johnson,
sets the patriotic theme

Twin Towers
Reference to 9/11 was to be expected
as it was the 10th anniversary

Mardi Gras
Local flavour is to be expected –
as it”sNew Orleans its Mardi Gras

Australian delegates
Visitors came from accross the globe
– as did this group from Australia

International lounge
International visitors have their own lounge

Rupert Broome and Marc Esculier
Rupert Broome (left) from Bell Laboratories with Marc Esculier, from France

Frederic and Marc
Frederic Verwilghen (left) of Edialux,
Belgium chats to Daniel Bajomi,
Babolna Bio, Hungary

Mariann Csorba, International Business Manager, Bá¡bolna Bio, Hungary
“We felt that the exhibiton may have been smaller than in previous years. Even the big company”s booths were more modest and not so impressive. But there was still a diverse range of exhibitors. 

The biggest pest problem featured concentrated on the bed bug. We saw not only products but also several companies offering heat equipment for bed bug control. 

We missed Hawai, but certainly two years ago there was several exhibitors offering products and equipment to solve mosquito problems in private gardens and around the house. This year no such equipment could be seen.

The FMC bed bug monitor containing pheromone aroused our interest.”

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