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In our other reports from PestWorld, we have covered specific topics – the exhibition, the educational sessions and the like. But here you can see a round-up of images from the event which tries to capture its spirit. Enjoy!
First the location. For a first time visitor to Baltimore, the city came as a very pleasnt surprise – helped considerably by the lovely autumn (sorry – fall) weather we enjoyed. The other surprise was the history of the city – as Europeans we always think of the entire US as ‘new’, but Baltimore was founded in 1729.

We were reminded of this history by events surounding the war of 1812 between the United States and the British. This included the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships in Baltimore harbour, which went onto to inspire the poem written by Francis Scott Key, the Star-Spangled Banner, which later became the American national anthem. Today original national flags can be spotted flying in the city.

G1 StatueCol George Armistead who lead the defeat of the British bombardment

G2 FlagThe originial Star-Spangled Banner spotted flying around the city

G3 HarbourToday, the inner harbour has been tranformed into a fashionable area

G5 Pres
This is NMPA’s showcase, including the change of NPMA president 

G4 Domin
All under the watchful eye of
NPMA CEO, Dominique Stumph

G6 Int Rec
With hands across the water at
the international reception

Gen Bayer SpeakerThe general sessions are opened by their sponsor – here Bayer

Gen HarrlanThen around 70 educational sessions to choose from 

Gen CepaPlus find time for a bit of an international exchange 

G7 Exhib Bell
The exhibition is full with nearly 200 exhibits – e.g. US-based Bell

G8 Exhib Syngenta
or multi-national Syngenta


Gen Exhib Bgor combined B&G, Curtis-Dyna Fog, Agrisense and Silvandersson

G9 Exhib TechnocideAs to be expected, plenty of US companies, such as Technicide

G15 Exhib Oakesor Jim Oakes of JF Oakes 

Gen Exhib Kness
and Kness, who for the first time
were sporting their new livery

G12 Exhib PelgarSupporting their US operation
was the team from PelGar

G11 Exhib PestwestAs was PestWest who recently opened a new facility in Florida

Gen PelsisPlus a full team turn-out for Pelsis

G10 Exhib IgebaIgeba from Germany linked up with their US distributors 

G14 Exhib RatpakFrom the UK, Rat Pak was
once again exhibiting

G13 Exhib Yanco
Whilst Yanco from Liverpool made their debut appearance

G16 Exhib KayeThere’s time for conversations as Mathew Kaye, left, discovered

G17 Funny 1 RatBut it wouldn’t be a pest control event without an uninvited invader!

G18 CheersHard work certainly, but time for a drink for the Pest team. Cheers!

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