The exhibition at PestWorld – the star attraction

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There is no doubting the exhibition at any PestWorld is one, if not THE, key attraction. This is particularly the case for international commercial delegates. The same was true this year, and with over 230 stands to get round there was plenty to see – but was there?

How times change
At this sort of event twenty years ago, everyone was going around spying out the new chemical products launched – not anymore! The only one found, and its presence was pretty low key, was AdvionWDG from Syngenta. Whilst this is no doubt a good development it is basically a sprayable formulation, with MetaActive effect, of indoxacarb. Also found as ‘new’ and introduced this spring is Barricor from Bayer. Specially formulated for use on complex surfaces, it is hardly new as the active is deltamethrin.

Remote rodent monitoring
So following the new chemical era, next came plastic rodent boxes, then bed bug control and monitoring products – and now it’s the era of rodent monitoring and reporting equipment. Virtually everyone has a system with more new ones at the show. How you pick one to adopt is baffling?

Pw Ex BellThe team from Bell has added IG remote sensing technology to its range of rodent traps 


Pw Ex TrapsensorThe remote monitoring range from TrapSensor now comes with rechargeable batteries

Not everyone is after rodent boxes with remote monitoring, so it was tno suprise that some new traps were spotted containing other new design features. The Dual Action Twin catch from Catchmaster (below left) and shown by Sean Paker, comes with a raised roof for increased trapping options. From Kness (below right) is their new tunnel trap containig two rat traps, called Big Snape Cover, as demonstrated by Nick Fugate.

Pw Ex Apg


Pw Ex Kness

No flies here!
Also very much of the moment is the continual development and refinement of electronic fly killers. These too come with remote monitoring (as per flyDetect from PestWest) and/or LED technology, as seen below on the Brandenburg stand. Whilst several were on display, most fell into the ‘coming soon’ category!

Pw Ex Pestwest
From PestWest. Flies are not only captured but also remote reported as explained by Andrew Nulty


Pw Ex Branden
Nathan Narsh was showing off three new EFKs using LED technology on the Brandenburg stand

One interesting natty new product was Happy Cornerz 2in1 glue traps. Developed by Tony Bost, who had no previous pest control experience but just underwent a ‘light bulb moment’, these monitoring traps can not only to be used on horizontal surfaces (like conventional monitors) but their design also allows them to be used in upper corners of structures.

Pw Ex Happy CornerzTony Bost with his Happy Cornerz 2in1 glue traps


Pw Ex Nattarro (1)Nattaro Scout now comes in individually sealed pots

Arrived from Europe
It is always good to see products developed in Europe making their debut at PestWorld. Nattaro Scout bed bug monitoring traps are being widely adopted, but the company has come up with a new way of packaging and presenting the pheromone lure. Following reports that the previous lure, if carried around, for example in trouser pockets where it got warm, started to run. The new lure comes with a simple tear-off top to prevent such sticky problems.

Also spotted was the new Avix Autonomic laser bird repellent. Developed by the Bird Control Group in The Netherlands and now available in the UK, it is being introduced in the US.

Pw Ex AvixSteinar Henskes (left) with colleague Wayne Ackermann and the new Avix Autonomic laser bird repellent


Pw Ex OsdFrom Italy, Daniela Pedrazzi with the Buddygun bird barrier for the protection of solar panels

Also for birds, and making their debut at this exhibition, was Italian company, OSD Group with their Buddygun bird barrier for the protection of solar panels.

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