Do not get confused by the new glue board Code of Practice

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An article which appeared in the latest edition of Environmental Health News published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) could lead to confusion.

The title of the article reads: “CIEH calls for glue board ban” gives the definite impression that the code seeks to totally eliminate the use of glue boards. This is not the case. Careful reading of the article reveals the true position regarding the proposed restrictions of sale for glue boards. In his quote, Stephen Battersby, CIEH president says: “…(glue boards) should not be on sale to the general public.”

The article (reproduced below) later states: “The pest management industry shares the MP”s concern that glue boards can easily be bought by the general public in shops and on the internet. But it (viz the code) opposes an outright ban, saying it would have an adverse effect on the industry”s ability to protect public health.”

This Code, produced by the relatively recently created Pest Management Industry Alliance (consisting of the British Pest Control Association, the National Pest Technicians Association, the National Pest Advisory Panel and the UK Pest Controllers Organisation) aims to illustrate the professional approach taken by the industry regarding the humane use of these items.

To read, or download, this new Code of Practice click here

Background to the situation
Glue boards used for the capture of rodents have been in use for some years. Various voluntary Codes of Practice have been in operation for professional users, yet their introduction into the DIY market has raised concerns regarding their use.

On the 8 July 2009, three MPs, Alan Meale (Mansfield), Bill Etherington (Sunderland North) and Peter Bottomley (Worthing West) signed a motion in Parliament as follows:

Use of glue traps in the UK
That this House is aware that pest controllers who are members of the British Pest Control Association are currently subject to a voluntary code on the use of rodent traps, which includes the direction that distributors should not supply glue boards to persons who are not trained or competent in pest control practices; notes that a wild mammal is protected by the provisions of the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 but also that this law does not cover animals caught in inhumane glue traps which cause them much unnecessary suffering; and believes that the Government should follow the lead of many other parliaments worldwide and recognise the cruelty of such practices by introducing legislation to ban their use in the UK.

It was felt that this motion would generate further discussion with its supporters who would seek to have the sale and use of glue boards banned in the UK.

The Pest Management Industry Alliance recognises that in the hands of an-untrained person glue boards can be used inappropriately and in a manner that can become inhumane. It therefore shares the concern of Members of Parliament and animal welfare groups that glue boards are readily available for members of the public to buy either in retail premises or on the internet.

The Alliance believes that the sale and use of glue boards must always be permitted as a matter of last resort by properly trained professionals working in accordance with an industry standard code of practice and never by members of the general public.

CIEH Glue boards

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