Pest control in the housing sector

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The most recent addition to the series of location-specific guideline brochures for pests published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) has just been released. This one – covering pest control procedures in the housing sector – is probably the best yet.
In the introduction, CIEH president, Dr Stephen Battersby says: “The presence of pests in dwellings has a considerable impact on the lives of inhabitants. These guidelines have been drawn up by the CIEH National Pest Advisory Committee (NPAP) after consultation with local authorities, housing associations, the pest management industry and enforcement agencies.”

Running to 64 pages, just over half of the brochure covers the range of pests likely to be encountered. As to be expected, these include rodents, cockroaches, flying insects, blood feeding & stinging insects, ants, stored product pests, nuisance pests and birds. For each group of pests, there are identification diagrams and details of their biology, accompanied by details concerning their treatment.

The second half covers pest management. Sections included cover pest prevention, control and treatment strategies, control methods and pest control products. Within the appendix is a five page resumá© of the WHO Large Analysis and Review of European Housing & Health Status (LARES) survey. Those lucky enough to have attended, will have heard the late Dr Xavier Bonnefoy present these fascinating results at the various talks he gave. It is particularly pleasing to see the key points from this survey reproduced in such an easily accessible format.

A pdf copy of the booklet is available to download by clicking here.

Or, incredibly, copies of this brochure are available free-of-charge from NPAP if you send your request to NPAP, Freepost WF27, PO Box 2, Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5 9BR. Or email [email protected]. Please supply your full postal address, the name of the brochure you require and how many copies requested.

CIEH Housing brochure
The housing sector is the latest
subject in this series

CIEH Rodent spread
An example of the type of information available

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