Exosect secures over £2.25m funding to support international expansion

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Exosect – the leading provider of environmentally-friendly, non-chemical Intelligent Pest Management solutions – has secured over £2.25m of funding to support the launch of new products across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Martin Brown, managing director at Exosect, said: “This new investment presents a tremendous opportunity for Exosect to bring to market new products. Using our unique technology platform, we have developed a raft of award winning products to meet the increasing demand for intelligent and informed pest management solutions. The funding from MTI and Hygea, along with existing investors will significantly support our plans to pre-empt and fulfil this demand in both the UK and overseas markets.”

Exosect’s new product, Exosex SPTab, which tackles all five of the moths that cause problems in stored food production, is being made available in the UK from February 2010. Exosect is also preparing for a European rollout, launching the product initially in Germany, France, Holland and Italy in Spring 2010.

To support this growth into Europe, Exosect is currently advertising to recruit a professional products market consultant to support their sales via distributors in Germany. Click here for details.

A spin out from Southampton University nine years ago, Exosect has rapidly developed a reputation for innovation, based on the unique technology it has developed for a range of pest management solutions. Exosect’s Entostat powder was developed by Professor Howse at the University and is derived from a natural carnauba wax, which is sustainably harvested from the leaves of a specific palm tree.

SPTab comprises of a small tablet consisting of Entostat powder formulated with minute quantities of the female sex pheromone common to five of the major moth pests of food processing. It works by attracting male moths to the Entostat powder and female pheromone. As the male moths pick up the Entostat pheromone powder, their pheromone receptors become overloaded, resulting in them being unable to locate females. A male carrying Entostat powder will form a mobile pheromone dispenser, producing ‘false’ pheromone trails, which attracts additional males.

Contact between the males ensures that the Entostat powder and the confusion effect is automatically passed on, in a process called auto-confusion. The result is a state of sexual confusion amongst the male moth population leading to effective mating disruption. This product helps food processors to reduce and/or eliminate insecticide sprays and, consequently, reduce subsequent down-time in production associated with fumigation and spray regimes.

Martin Brown
Martin Brown,
Exosect managing director SP TabExosex SPTab is being launched accross Europe

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