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The nuisance wasp control market is set to grow, driven by a number of factors – some economic, some medical and some technical. The rewards for pest controllers that fully embrace good wasp management are potentially limitless.

As WaspBane explains, like most other industries, pest control is sharing in the woes of a weak economic climate but there is a ray of sunshine. With more people staying at home instead of jetting off on holiday canny pest controllers are gearing themselves up this summer to take advantage of an emerging and largely untapped market.

The nuisance wasp market is set to boom. Whilst saving on foreign holidays, stay-at-home holiday makers won’t be giving up entirely on holiday fun. UK attractions are set to gain, as are outdoor food outlets. In a tough economic climate however, purveyors of food and beverages have to do whatever they can to make customers happy to part with their cash – and that means providing a wasp free environment. If they don’t, the public won’t forgive them as Lego Land learned last September at the hands of the BBC Watchdog programme – see report here

Emerging health data which suggests that fatalities from wasp sting induced heart attacks (Kounis syndrome) may exceed 1,000 deaths per annum is also helping to change the shape of the nuisance wasp market.

Critically, it’s the arrival of the unique Integrated Wasp Management (IWM) solutions devised by WaspBane on the back of their award winning high efficiency WaspBane wasp trap that is paying dividends for pest controllers. And it’s a win win situation for all. Achieving a virtually wasp-free eating environment has been shown to increase outdoor catering revenues by as much as 30% – and that’s not to be sneezed at. Understanding the benefits of successful IWM has helped catapult WaspBane into a market leading position, something which Lego Land has recognised and is investing in to deliver a better managed wasp solution for its paying guests.

As Karol Pazik of WaspBane concludes: “Being a market leader in IWM is not without its challenges for WaspBane. Successful IWM is a cutting edge new discipline which requires a completely alien approach and that means a significant investment in training. The rewards for pest controllers that fully embrace IWM are however potentially limitless and the secret behind this is understanding that good wasp management means managing nuisance wasps not just for this season but for every future season.”

WaspBane offers free-of-charge Control of Nuisance Wasps training days for professional pest controllers at their Huntingdon offices. Dates by mutual arrangement. 5 CPD points awarded.

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Integrated Wasp Management offers significant rewards explains Karol Pazik  

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