UKPCO elects a new chairman

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On 20 February the UK Pest Controllers Organisation (UKPCO) held their Annual General Meeting at the Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. This was preceded by a dinner the night before.

Attending the meeting as a member of UKPCO, David Cain of Bed Bugs Ltd filed this report.

Although I have attended AGM’s before, they do tend to fall into one of two camps. They are either a very small group of people connected with the business directly, or several thousands of share-holders packed into an auditorium close on the size of a football field. The UKPCO AGM was a lot more civilised, with 23 members present plus one guest.

The meeting started at about 10:15 following a practical demonstration of the executive team’s cat herding skills to get the delegates into their seats.

Adam Juson of the Merlin Group was elected chairman, replacing Andy Beddoes who was stepping down. The other 2010 officers were elected along with the new sub-committee members.

There was a lively, and at some points heated, debate on industry matters and the path forward for the UKPCO.

Significant changes were discussed, including proposals to alter the logo and branding to reflect some members’ concerns that it appeared to be too similar to certain right-wing political groups. In addition, modifications to the legal status and aims of the group are likely to follow in the next few months, as the group repositions itself as a body of professional independent pest controllers.


  Adam Juson
New chairman, Adam Juson

 UKPCO committee
The committte deep in thought

Many of the established members thanked those in attendance for their support. This included help with holiday cover, assistance on larger contracts and technical support received during the year. This reflects the spirit of co-operation and mutual development of members. Training courses designed for new members only were discussed and are planned for 2010, covering both practical and business related subjects.

Although there is much that needs to be done in the months ahead, there was a resounding feeling that things were on the right path. The rewards are there for those who wish to take part in a forward-thinking organisation – an organisation established by pest controllers to support independent pest controllers. 

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