Two patents granted for passive bed bug monitor

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Since their introduction some three years ago, the range of bed bug monitors has proliferated. News has just reached our offices concerning the granting of two patents covering what was the first passive monitor introduced – BB Alert Passive developed by David Cain of BedBugs Ltd in London.

In its press statement, BedBugs Ltd said:

BedBugs Limited is pleased to announce the granting of their second patent for BB Alert Passive connected with bedbug monitoring. This adds patent GB2470307 to their existing GB2463953. This gives the company protection not only on the product itself, but through the latest grant a method, or utility patent, protection on the way it works. This effectively prevents anyone changing the shape or design or using the same principles.

David Cain, managing director of BedBugs Ltd said: “It was a bold move to make in these difficult economic conditions to invest so much in patents, but the 20 year protection we have now been afforded should give us plenty of time to recoup the investment so far. Given the number of objections raised through the patent office in Cardiff we knew we not only had something worth protecting, but also knew that others realised that their products were infringing. Suffice to say we have already had a conference with our patent enforcement team and wheels are in motion to encourage those infringers to remove products from sale, or license our patent.

“We are also planning on publishing more about our field developments with the product and details of the hotel procedural system that we have developed. This assists our clients in early detection and control of bed bugs, it’s certainly a powerful tool to help pest controllers and the hospitality industry work together to address the ever growing bedbug issue.

“Looking forward, we are continuing our development programme and have other patents in the pipeline and will continue to use the proceeds and profits of our successful service business to fuel our investment in intellectual property. I am certainly not looking to retire and relax on a tropical island in the near future, although it’s still the long term plan.


David Cain Patent holder – David Cain

BB Alert Passive 

“The global distribution of our flagship product has already been licensed to MidMos Solutions, a division of Brandenburg, who is busy supplying over 106 countries as part of a five year deal under undisclosed terms. The grant has, however, already attracted significant international attention and some sizeable retail players have just started making interesting noises.

“I am sure it has contributed heavily to my increasing number of grey hairs but it has been an enjoyable emotional roller coaster and after a short rest to compose my stomach I am sure we will start all over again with the new raft of products,” concluded David.

It would be unwise to ignore the significance of this announcement – it is likely to have repercussions not only around Europe, but on a global basis too. We await developments.

BB Alert Passive  
The product in question. BB Alert Passive

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