BBC Watchdog attacks Legoland for its wasp problem

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Returning for a new series, the consumer affairs programme, Watchdog, revealed the ongoing problem of wasps at Legoland in Windsor.

In the programme broadcast on 9 September, BBC reporter Rosie Millard took her own children on a trip to Logoland in Windsor to experience for herself the reported wasp problem. Wasps were very much in evidence, especially around the food areas. Children were distressed by the number of wasps present and some were being stung.

Despite having posted signs at the entrance to the park warning their visitors of the problem, little more appeared to have been done by Legoland.

Called in to review the problem was independent pest expert, Clive Boase. Within minutes of arriving at the amusement park, Clive had located several nests. Rosie was not impressed when Clive pointed out that each nest could contain anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 adult wasps.

Clive recommended that to get on top of the problem, Legoland needed their pest controller contractor to locate and treat the wasps’ nests. A further visit one week later revealed that apparently nothing had been done, as the originally detected nests were still active.

Legoland Windsor is a theme park dedicated to children aged 3-12 years old and owned by the Merlin Entertainments Group. It describes itself as:”An inspirational land where the kids are the hero. It”s a family attraction like no other – where the fun never stops and imagination knows no bounds.”

Causing a major problem

Also owned by Merlin is the Alton Towers resort. Wasps do not appear to be a problem here and Watchdog showed some footage of control methods there – those in the trade would recognise the traps successfully used as WaspBane units.

To view the Watchdog programme for yourself click here. The wasp report lasts for 10 minutes, starting 23.30 minutes into the programme.


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