Giant mosquito let loose in London

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A giant mosquito was let loose in London to raise awareness about malaria.

Let loose on 14 August, the mosquito was on a quest to bring to the public’s attention the work undertaken by UK charity Malaria No More UK.

Malaria kills one million people each year threatening half of the world’s population, those most vulnerable are pregnant women and children. In Africa, malaria kills one child every 30 seconds; it kills more children under five than any other single disease.

Explains Sarah Kline, executive director of Malaria No More: “Malaria is preventable and treatable. One of the most effective means of stopping suffering and death from malaria is to invest in preventative measures now. Blanketing Africa with mosquito nets is one of the most simple and effective ways to help prevent the spread of malaria.”

Every year approximately 2,000 British travellers return home with malaria and the UK is one of the biggest importers of malaria among industrialized countries. Some die yet malaria is a preventable and treatable disease if you follow advice and are aware of the possible symptoms.

British travellers are increasingly going to countries where malaria is prevalent; there has been an enormous increase in travel to malarious destinations amongst British travellers in the last ten years.

Malaria No More UK is a new, entrepreneurial, not-for-profit organisation, committed to ending unnecessary death caused by malaria. Working with governments, corporations and the public, Malaria No More combines a powerful blend of funding, advocacy, popular campaigning and on-the-ground implementation to achieve its goal of eliminating malaria deaths.


MNM - Phone box
Calling home to his friends in Africa may have caused quite a stir

MNM - Thames
The water in the Thames is rather too swiftly flowing for a mosquito

Malaria No More aims to:

  • Ensure every man, women and child at risk of malaria in Africa has access to a mosquito net by the end of 2010.
  • Eliminate malaria deaths completely by 2015
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