Massive wasp’s nest found. Is it the biggest?

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Southampton-based Whelan Pest Prevention got rather a shock when they were called to treat a wasp’s nest in a local pub.

When Sean Whelan arrived it didn’t take him long to locate the wasp’s nest as it was in a corner of the pub’s loft – what he found was the biggest wasp”s nest he had ever seen. Built around a chimney stack the six foot by five foot nest was somewhat larger than a typical one – maybe one of the biggest in the UK.

“The wasps were buzzing all over the place. There were enough to kill someone if they hadn”t been wearing the right clothing,” said Sean.

“It was without doubt the biggest nest I have ever seen. It was an amazing sight – I couldn’t believe my eyes. I”ve never seen a nest that size,” exclaimed Sean.

To read the full report as it appeared in the Southern Daily Echo click here.

Readers can judge for themselves. Is this the largest wasp’s nest you have ever come across?

If you have stories of unusually large nests or ones which occur in strange places, do let Pest know about them. Send your details and photos to the editor – click here to send.

Watch-out for the next issue of Pest magazine which features summer pests, including wasps. This should be with readers towards the end of June.


Wasp''s nest
The largest nest Sean had ever had to deal with
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