British Consuls abroad do not offer pest control!

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In a speech given on 4 April 2012 Foreign Secretary William Hague listed the ‘ludicrous requests’ for consular advice made by British tourists.

Mr Hague was at the launch of a summer crisis centre in London to help British nationals in difficulty abroad, however he urged Britons not to stretch scarce consular resources by making “bizarre demands”.

Amongst the bizarre requests received by local embassies, one tourist in a rental home in Florida rang to ask for pest control help with ants in the property!

Very amusingly, in his speech he went on to list the other outlandish requests made. These included appeals from Britons who could not find their false teeth, whose jam would not set and who want someone to check on their livestock at home, or to book restaurants whilst on holiday.

“This is obvious, you may think, but nonetheless it came as a surprise to the caller in Spain who was having difficulty finding somewhere to have Christmas lunch,” he said.

Hardly a main-line pest control story, the video clip which details other amusing requests can be found off the link if you click here.

It does provide some light amusement to enjoy over the Easter break!

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