Further fox attack hits the headlines

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Following on from the attack on the Koupparis twins in Hackney earlier in the summer, another fox attack has hit the deadlines. This time a female lawyer had part of her ear bitten-off as she slept in bed.

The attack is the latest in a number of cases in recent months where foxes have entered homes and bitten residents, highlighting how the animal is becoming braver towards humans.

Annie Bradwell, aged 46, was sleeping in her bedroom in Fulham, West London, when she felt something tugging at her hair. She soon realised that a fox was biting her ear, which she later had to have glued back together in hospital. It is believed the fox entered her house via an open downstairs window.

Not only did this incident feature in the national papers, it was also included within the BBC News programme on 9 September. This included filmed footage of foxes boldly walking the streets of London in broad daylight.

Jim England from Protex Pest Control was interviewed. He explained it is estimated that there are now over 33,000 foxes living within cities in the UK. The fact that local authorities are not required to undertake any form of control was pointed out, although a request was made that an official register of fox attacks should be held.

The problem with urban foxes was reviewed in the July & August edition of Pest magazine. To read click here.

Urban foxes are getting
increasingly bold

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