Significant label changes for Ficam D

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Pest controllers will be somewhat surprised to discover that there are to be quite significant changes to the label covering both, the range of insects covered, and the method of use for the popular insecticide dust, Ficam D.

For many years, Ficam D (1.25% bendiocarb) has been the product of choice when treating the nests of wasps and hornets, in fact in their press statement Bayer estimates that this is as high as 95%.

Following re-approval by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) the use of Ficam D is to become restricted. Use is to be limited to indoor use of wasps, hornets and Asian hornets, although treatment of internal voids when the operator is outside, for example under roof eaves, is to be allowed. But gone are all external uses, such as nest treatments in the ground e.g. flower beds, garden banks etc.

Although Asian hornets have been added, their nests most frequently occur outdoors, in trees for example, where use would not be permitted.

Steve Bishop, Bayer product manager, explains that the Bayer Pest Solutions Team has worked tirelessly to present a case to the HSE to secure the product’s long-term future.

“Although the re-approval comes with the caveat that Ficam D can only be applied indoors, our regulatory team has worked with the HSE to ensure that treatments can still be made to internal voids while the operative is outdoors,” he says.

Insects lost
However, a careful inspection of the new Ficam D label shows the removal of numerous insects. No longer listed are cockroaches, fleas, moths, bed bugs, carpet pests, bees, silverfish and other bristle tails, beetles, earwigs, crickets, booklice, spiders, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes, ticks and thrips.

Ficam D Old Label

Click here for reverse of OLD label


Ficam D Back New 2019 Cropped

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Although wasps probably make up the largest use of this product, the option to use it, when required, against these additional pests was advantageous – for example around electrical equipment. 

Ants do remain, but only indoors
Ants do remain, but again only for indoor use and, and as stated on the label, only within voids, cavities and service vents which must be closed, or sealed, after application.

This whole exercise seems to have emerged very quickly as news of the label change was only released by Bayer in a press statement on 7 January.

Last purchase date and use by date
The sale by distributors of stocks of Ficam D with the old label can continue until 21 January with a use-up period lasting until 25 July 2019.

It is believed distributor stocks of old label product are not huge so stocks with the new label should be available well before the wasp season starts this season.

Ficam D 3Kg Pack Shot With New Labelling 3

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