Maybe an end of the ‘silly pest’ season?

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August is notorious for the appearance of off-the-wall type stories appearing within the national press – especially within the Red Top papers. This year is certainly no exception!

So – with the Bank Holiday over and the children going back to school, we thought you would enjoy some of the stories which have caught our attention within the offices at Pest.

First – the giant rat debate? So how big is your’s? Or as The Sun so eloquently put it “Gnaws”. Click to view.

A two foot ‘rat’ was caught in an unnamed food factory in Lincolnshire by a Rentokil technician.

This caused considerable debate, as experts now claim it was a South American coypu, originally bred for their fur, yet several some years ago made a bid for freedom.

Up in Yorkshire, a 30 inch rodent – christened Ratzilla – was shot on the rodent-infested Ravenscliffe estate in Bradford.

Not to be outdone, a two foot mega rat was caught in a trap in a Victorian terraced house in Southsea, near Southampton. Click to view.

Giant rat
Rat or coypu? It”s certainly mega! 

And if you thought rats were bad enough, try New York! Residents did a double take when out of a storm drain crawled what was either a baby crocodile or an alligator – most likely to be an abandoned pet. Read the story here.

Then pity the poor husband in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex who ended up in hospital after being summoned by his wife to remove a spider from the toilet. Chris Wilding obviously thought it a good idea, but using a can of deodorant and a lighter as a makeshift flame thrower proved explosive. He ended up with burned fingers and knuckles as also reported in The Sunclick to view.

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